You can edit or recode transactions in one of two ways:

  1. Reopen the batch entry itself and click  to allow editing to make the necessary changes

  2. While scrolling the general ledger (Account Details report) click the little pen next to any transaction to open the 'quick-edit' pop-up

The latter is a favourite feature among accountants as it allows super-fast fixes right there and then.

There's no messy trail of adjustments either - just quick fixes as you see them...


In the example (20 seconds) below:

  • the user is scrolling the General Ledger and notices a transaction in the wrong account (it also happens to be flagged by the preparer)
  • they click the little pen next to the "Direct Mailing Ltd" transaction and the quick-edit pop up appears
  • they then unflag the transaction and recode it to the 'Advertising' account where it should be
In this example the user spots an entry in the wrong place, recodes it and you see the change occur as it refreshes...

The user could have just as easily edited the: Details / Reference / Tax Rate in this way...

For more on 'quick-edits' read here