It is possible that a cheque entry may also be considered a bank transfer in our sense of the term. 


  • If you write a cheque from one 'bank account' and then lodge it in another 'bank account' this is essentially the same as a normal bank transfer (as discussed in the article here)
  • It is a payment in one bank and a receipt in another bank account
What happens?

  • If there is a cheque written and lodged in another bank account we do this as a 'cheque bank transfer' (see how below)
  • Therefore, the result is there will be a:
    • cheque to be matched with a payment in the same bank's statement data (to reconcile the cheque)
    • transfer to be matched with a receipt on the other bank's statement data (to match transfers)
How to do a 'cheque bank transfer'?

  • Within a cheque payment batch it is performed in just the same way as in a bank statement batch (as explained in the links above re: bank transfers)
  • If you want to do a bank transfer for an individual cheque then hit  on the cheque line (works just like normal bank transfers thereafter)
  • If you want to set multiple cheques as bank transfers quickly then check the boxes of the cheques you require to transfer and hit the  button (again, works just like normal bank transfers thereafter)