You can import bank statement data in two ways:

  1. Direct import from the company's AutoEntry bank statements folder
  2. Upload CSV file using one of two template formats provided

Using either of these methods, upon successful import of data, you'll immediately be redirected to the Bank Statement screen for that bank account with the 'Unposted' tab open. 

In here you'll find all your unposted transactions (including those just imported) waiting to be coded to the general ledger. 

Key things to know for coding bank statement data:

  • If there is a payment to (or receipt from) another account which is set up as a 'bank account', then you need to follow the process for a bank transfer - see here for more...
  • If there are payments which need to be reconciled / matched with outstanding cheques see here
  • If there are receipts which need to be reconciled / matched with outstanding deposits follow the same method as cheques (above), but for deposits instead...
  • If you need to split a payment or receipt amount between two or more accounts see here

Checking the accuracy of bank statement data: