The 'Bank Statement' report should replicate the statement issued by the client's financial institution exactly in terms of:

  • Transaction dates
  • Payment amounts
  • Receipt amounts
  • Running balance

What entries are included in the 'Bank Statement' report?

  • Opening Statement Balance entry (auto-generated at beginning of period). Either:
    • carried forward from the prior period closing balance; or
    • created during the client set up steps
  • Bank Statement Batch entries during the current period 

There are no other entries that appear here (including cheques/deposit batches). The rest all go to the General Ledger instead. 

Where to find the 'Bank Statement' report:

From the Bank Accounts home page you can access the statement by clicking on the figure in the 'Statement Balance' column as seen below, or from the relevant link the the 'View' pop-up below also...